Value Proposition Design

Why It’s Important…

Your value proposition is a statement or set of statements that describe what a customer gets from your product or service that they cannot get elsewhere with the same results. It’s critically important to have defined this at is becomes the foundation for all of your future business activities, whether they are sales, marketing, financial planning, operations planning or communications. However, just creative wordsmithing is not enough – your value proposition must be rooted in solid customer validation. This program will take you through the process for developing your value proposition based on customer and competitive analysis.

A guided program to help you understand why customers want to buy what you are selling.


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What’s Included

  • Customer Definition Workbook
  • Customer Validation Plan
  • 2 x 1-Hour Customer Interview Planning
  • 1-Hour Customer Interview Review
  • Validated Customer Definitions
  • 1-Hour Customer Feedback Review
  • Pivot Chart
  • Value Proposition Workbook
  • 2 x .5-Hour Review Sessions

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