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Quick Start Programs

Not sure where to start? Choose a Quick Start package to get you going. Each of these packages addresses a specific area of your business that may need the most help right now. Each is designed to help you learn as we go, so that you can continue to build your expertise in your business.

How I can help…

I’m a fan of working alongside my clients, sleeves rolled up and ready to dig in. After years of being bumped around on the entrepreneurship roller coaster, I’ve got battle scars and stories galore that allow me to help small business owners like yourself. Coupled with a formal business education and years of consulting, this experience is my arsenal. I prefer to work with small business owners and startups, where growth is both an opportunity and a challenge, and where every single dollar counts.

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Business Model Development

Using the Lean Canvas, I take businesses through customer segmentation, value proposition design and market testing to arrive at a validated business model and revenue plan.

Strategy and Planning

If you’ve got some room to breathe, and know you need to figure out how to get from your current state to your desired future state, I can help you work through your strategic direction, through careful analysis of your internal and external environments, historical performance, and market trends. I can help you distill your vision and develop a flexible, actionable plan to allow you to course correct on your way to your goals.

Operational Improvements

Small businesses often focus on business development and product growth first, but inevitably end up needing to mature the rest of the business, quickly. I will help you implement process improvements, integrated information systems, production management and benchmarking tools so you can provide your business with a strong foundation for growth.

Technology Planning

Systems and technology are foundational to your business. Whether you are a bricks and mortar retail store, an online marketer or somewhere in between, you will eventually need technology to help you grow. With over twenty years of experience building and implementing technologies, I can help you create a roadmap for your business systems and a plan for implementation that complements your business growth.

Ideation and Innovation

Sometimes you know you want to go out on your own, but you don’t even have an idea yet. Believe it or not, there is a very scientific way to find your niche and identify opportunities within it. In an established organisation, there are tremendous benefits to creating processes and programs that foster the continual development of new ideas. I can help you with both, and take you through the development of your initial ideas or a program for fostering competitive advantage.

What I'm working on right now...

Brand and Positioning For Health Care Provider

After building a strong customer base in another region, this Registered Massage Therapist has moved her business to a new location and needs to build the same strong clientele in her new home. A market assessment, customer profile development and value proposition definition will help her to stand out amongst the existing businesses in here space.

Business Model Development for Clothing Manufacturer

This high energy, funky new clothing line makes technical activewear for women. They have had some great success with the launch of their first two seasons of clothes but needed to assess whether their current business model would scale as production demands increase.

Operations Foundation for Architectural Millwork Company

My client came to me three years ago, looking for help on stabilizing their financials and creating a plan for growth. Together, we have built a strong financial management foundation, production improvements and strategic plan for growth.

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